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GlassDrink Direct from Wine Bottle

Add some elegance to drinking straight from the bottle!

Are you the kind of wine aficionado who feels like shrugging off the glass to go straight for the bottle after a long hard day? Then turn your bottle into your glass with GlassDrink Direct from Wine Bottle. Designed to make drinking from the bottle classy! 
  • Pour and Drink Design: One easy step that allows you to drink from the bottle. Made from strong glass and 100% silicone sleeve. Simply slant the bottle up and drink normally. No-spill and no mess. When a glass of wine isn't enough this is the best way to end that day, this is the perfect cup for your needs. 


  • Easy to Set-up: This provides a seamless seal that fits most soda bottles, cider, and more. It is airtight and doesn't dribble at all. Open your favorite wine and insert this cup by gently screwing it directly into the top of your bottle. 


  • Fun Way to Drink: Great when you are just too lazy to get off the sofa and go pour another glass. Plug it and guzzle it. Makes pouring of wine a simple chore, this hand-blown custom glass into your favorite bottle is just plain fun. 


  • Novelty Gift Idea: GlassDrink Direct from Wine Bottle, the wine glass that will fit all your drinking needs. Great gift for wine lovers or anyone that likes to be the hit of the party. It's also freezer-safe, so you can enjoy an icy cold, frosty glass. 

Product Details:

Components: Glass, Silicone
Capacity: 260ml
Height: 14cm


Package Includes:

1x GlassDrink Direct from Wine Bottle

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