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GoHarGow Dumpling Mold Maker

Become a dumpling master

Create dumplings easier and faster with GoHarGow Dumpling Mold Maker. With this molder, you can make more dough at once instead of spending hours in the kitchen! You can make a large batch at one time for great family fun when everyone can get involved and make perfect dumplings. So even your most busy days can fit into one of your time-consuming recipes.


  • Make 37 dumplings at the same time.GoHarGow Dumpling Mold Maker is a tray made of 37 holes. Quickly and effortlessly place 37 pieces of perfect dumplings at a time. Save time and make your family satisfied with enough dumplings for everyone!

  • No more messy kitchen.This makes the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Create homemade fried dumplings and more! No more mess when you make your DIY dumplings. This is also the ideal tool to use fresh pasta dough and your favorite pelmeni. 

  • Presentable dumplings. There will be no more unpleasant looking dumplings when you learned to do it the right way. This mold can be a great assistant for you when you make dumplings.

  • Multi uses. This mold is not only designed for dumplings, but also for creating a variety of delicious homemade appetizers, meals, and desserts.

Product Details:

  • Components: Food grade ABS
  • Product Size: 20.8 x 20.8 x 2.2cm 
  • Hole size: 2.9 x 2.9cm                                                                                   Product Weight: 431 g
  • Color: Silver

Package Included:

  • 1 x GoHarGow Dumpling Mold Maker

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