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DWC Golf Club Groove Cleaner Tool


Restore U-grooves and V-grooves clubs

 Clean and sharpen your club grooves easily using DWC Golf Club Groove Cleaner Tool. Designed with a beveled tip to easily deal with dirt without damaging your club. Works well on U-grooves and V-grooves clubs including iron, wedges and
all other golf clubs. Make your golf clubs last longer and in good shape.


Tune up your golf clubs. DWC Golf Club Groove Cleaner Tool helps bring back your club’s original shine. Use the bevel at 45 degrees angle to take out the dirt, sharpen the grooves and recreate its original depth up to 0.04 inches. Properly clean and maintain your golf clubs and revive your golf ball’s backspin performance and distance control. 

⛳Compact and portable golf tool. You don’t have to worry about bringing it to the game since after all, it’s just a tool. Solidly built with high-grade aluminum casing and cover designed with a knurled handle for better anti-slip grip. Only 4.3 inches long so you can easily slide it in your pocket or golf bag. 

⛳Restores club without damage.45 degree bevel tip, anti-slip grip and depth restrictor are features that ensure you hone and clean your clubs without leaving any damage. No need to buy a new one. Restore your old golf club in its original sharpness and depth in no time. 

Product Details:

Components: Aluminum, stainless steel
Product Size: 4.3”/ 11cm
Product Weight: 40g
Diameter: 1.1cm / 0.4"
Color: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow

Package Included:

1 x Golf Club Groove Cleaner Tool

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