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Golf Wrist Corrector Training Band

Power and speed of swing comes in the wrist. Control your wrist alignment and movement and get better distance and direction when swinging. Golf Wrist Corrector Training Band helps you get into proper wrist action to get the ball in the hole.

  • Keep your wrist in alignment.  Golf Wrist Corrector Training Band is a good reminder of keeping your wrist in alignment. Correct wrist pose assists you with speeding up and places more force into your hit. It fills in as support that keeps your wrist from contorting during swings and prevents injuries. 
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  • Prevent bad wrist actions during swing.Setting too early? Releasing wrist too early or releasing wrist late? These are bad wrist actions that you can prevent by wearing a Wrist Corrector Training Band. it’s easier to control your movements and the trajectory of the ball exactly or closer to your to the hole.
  • Practice different techniques and strokes correctly. Suitable for beginners to wear during practice and lessons. Practice different swings, chipping, hitting, putting and different wrist angles and ideal wrist position. Make solid hits and send the ball as far as possible.
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  • Good wrist support. It’s not just controlling your wrist posture and alignment, but also preventing it from twisting and getting injured. Made from breathable and has good sweat absorption. Anti-wear and anti-slip material designed for long and constant use.

Product Details:


  • Components: Neoprene + PU
  • Product Weight: 47g / 1.7oz
  • Fold Size: 13.8 x 9cm / 5.5x 3.5in
  • Spread Size: 13.8 x 23cm / 5.5 x 9.1in
  • Color: Black

Package Included:
  • 1 x Snitz Golf Wrist Corrector Training Band

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