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GolfClub+ Cleaning Brush with Retractable Clip


For golf lovers, a club is the most used piece of equipment and therefore is subjected to all kinds of dirt and scratches.

Even if you have the most expensive club, when you do not clean it with the proper tools, you might not get the most from it. Grime and dirt buildup can hinder the performance of your golf club. 

Would you love to enjoy a clean golf club for your every swing? You can try cleaning it with thisGolfClub+ Cleaning Brush with Retractable Clip. Keep your club clean hence helping you golf like a pro.

  • Double-sided Brush: The brush is made with wire bristles that provide a quick cleaning of the irons. This brush also features a sharp pick to deal with the stubborn dirt and grime. It is also designed with nylon bristles on the other side that provide a quick cleanup on wood. 
  • Ergonomic Design: The brush has an unparalleled and ergonomic design making it very comfortable to use. It also has a retractable 2 feet zip-line carabiner that allows you to attach it conveniently to your golf bag for easy access. Expect to have a good and easy time brushing the dirt away. 
  • Improve Your Golf Game with a Clean Club: Get the best accuracy and distance from your clubs by cleaning them regularly. Make better contact with the ball which will result in better ball flight and more backspin.
  • Heavy Duty Golf Brush Made for Golfers:  Apart from its good look, it also delivers excellent cleaning effectiveness making it perfect for golfers looking for other means to improve their swings. Having this hanging on your bag will definitely draw some attention. Truly a great choice for cleaning golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, etc.

Product Details:

Components: Steel wool + PP hair + ABS

Size: 19cm

Weight: 61g

Color: Red, Green, Grey

Package Includes:

1 x GolfClub+ Cleaning Brush with Retractable Clip

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