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GolfSTK Swing Balance Multistick

Improve your golf game

It takes some special body conditioning to make your body golf ready to play your best golf game and GolfSTK Swing Balance Multistick can help you achieve that. It helps to train your body not only to attain good posture but stable, strong and flexible muscles as well. 


  • Improve your golf game. Perfect for warm-up and practice your balance and swing using GolfSTK Swing Balance Multistick. It’s the perfect training tool for one-on-one coaching of multiple positions and postures including impact conditioning moves to significantly improve your game.

  • Correct your posture and reduce risk of injury. Swing Balance Multistick helps you master the correct swing posture and lag power for stronger impact. Body alignment, positioning and gaining balance are very important to prevent injuries when playing golf.  Made of thermoplastic rubber tubing and is flexible and can be bent. Perfect for posture correction and alignment.

  • Multipurpose and versatile stick. Do numerous exercises and training using the swing balance multistick. It can be used for warming up your muscles, stretching and getting into proper positions and posture or use it to practice your swings, putting and chipping strength.

  • Easy to carry around for low impact or intense trainingIt’s a great training and practice tool as it helps you control any excessive exercise or swinging that could lead to injury. This 47 inches long stick weighs barely 2 lbs. You can carry this versatile stick in your golf bag without a problem. 

Product Details:

Components: thermoplastic rubber, fiberglass
Product dimension: 1” x 42” 
Product weight: 2lbs

Package Included:

 1 x GolfSTK Swing Balance Multistick

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