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Good Chef 3 -Tier Cake Stand Silicone Mold


Create your own tiered cake and dessert stand serving tray

Make your own personalized cake stands. DIY your own dessert and cake stands with your own personal touch and design. Choose the sizes and shapes and get creative.


  • Serve desserts in unique and eye-catching trays. Good Chef 3 -Tier Cake Stand Silicone Mold allows you to DIY craft your own dessert plate and trays. Choose your preferred sizes and shape and make your own using epoxy resin. Durable and reusable molds allow you to create trays and plays that go well with your dessert’s theme.  
  • DIY and homemade cake stand. You can create an endless number of creations in designs and colors. These silicone molds are durable, reusable and easy to de-mold. Smooth edges for perfectly looking DIYs. Create your molds and assemble layers of plates and trays. You can also use it to mold jewelry trays, ornaments, home decors and even edible plates. 
  • Make a special and customized dessert section. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, parties and more. Choose your own mold shape - round or square. Make parties and celebrations more fun by making your own dessert plates and trays. 

Product Specification:

Material: silicone
Product Size:
Mold sizes:
110- 120mm
150mm - 2000mm
Color: transparent

Package Included:

1 x Set mold and accessories

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