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GoodAim Billiards Aiming Laser Guide

Cover every possible angle and lengths at every aim

GoodAim Billiards Aiming Laser Guide is a great training tool to improve your precision and accuracy on the pool table. Attachable and designed with a built-in laser light that provides a consistent straight-line visual aid. This practice device helps you correct your position and aim for a better ball trajectory. Never miss a ball when taking your shot at billiards. 


  • Cover every possible angle and length at every aimIt’s a great training device for beginners or casual players. It is an attachable training guide to your cue. This auxiliary device is designed to provide a visual aid of straight line across the table or from ball to ball.
  • Improve your precision.With a laser guide showing you the angle and length of shot, the player can easily correct his position and aim for a more precise and accurate shot. This also improves impact and ball trajectory. Made from aluminum alloy and dustproof optical glass lens for consistent visual aid.

  • Establish correct positioning and aim. With a straight and consistent visual aid, a player can adjust and correct good playing habits especially when visualizing aim, position and ball to ball impact. Lightweight that it barely felt attached to the cue. Easy to operate with its tail button switch to turn the laser on and off. 

Product Details:

Battery: 14250/15270 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Color: red, green laser light                                                                                  Components: Aluminum alloy
Product Size: 100x 11x 20mm/ diameter: 19mm
Product Weight: 0.1kg

Package Included:

1 x Billiards Aiming Laser Guide
1 x Bracket

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