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GRNHouse Breathable Flower Pots


Let your plant flourish and grow even healthier by letting it breathe more. 

GRNHouse Breathable Flower Pots is an innovative plant pot that allows the plants’ roots to breathe and drains excess water away. This keeps the plant healthier as they grow and prevents rotting of roots that leads for plants to wilt. 

  • Let your plant breathe more and easily. GRNHouse Breathable Flower Pots is made of ceramic that is breathable, drought-resistant, water-saving and does not deform as plants grow. It provides plant good ventilation that promotes roots growth. Roots grow faster and better when they can breathe and hydrate properly. 
  • No more rotting plant roots. Too much water can cause for your plant to rot from the roots which ultimately leads to wilting. Keep your plants hydrated while draining excess water away. It holds cleaner water down to the roots as well as fertilizer. 
  • Provide appropriate types of pot for your plants.  It ventilates the roots better and does not create any harmful substance when exposed to the sun for a long period. It is the perfect pot to grow your succulents, bonsai, bryophytes and other indoor plants. It’s 10cm x 10cm and comes in 3 colors - yellow, black and orange to match your home theme. 

Product Details:

Product Size: 10cm x 10cm  

Product Weight: 260g

Color: black, yellow, orange

Components: ceramic

Package Included:

1 x Breathable Flower Pot

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