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GroovyGolf™️ Golf Putter Practice Level

 Improves accuracy to every stroke

 Golf is exciting and fun again with this GroovyGolf™️ Golf Putter Practice Level! You could improve your exercise to a higher level. This guides you to a swing that creates good shots in 3 steps. It’s a micro-target that is only capable of holding a putt struck with the perfect speed on the perfect line. 



  • Level your game up. Provides printed alignment tutors, target levels, and distance markings enabling you to rehearse with just a putter and a ball.


  • Improves accuracy to every stroke. An adjustable back-swing stop and a ball ramp for easy loading of a golf ball onto its surface and shows your stroke accuracy at impact to within better than one degree of perfect squareness.


  • Practice anywhere you want. Work on your putt while at traveling, at home, or in the office. A must-have for the aspiring and professional Golf player. 

Product Details

Components: ABS Plastic

Package includes: 

1 x GroovyGolf™️ Golf Putter Practice Level

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