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HairJoy Starry Hair Rinse-free Hair Mask

Keep your hair healthy, moisturized and sparkling shiny with Starry Keratin Hair Leave On Conditioner. A rinse-free hair mask that leaves your hair with starry effect while keeping it protected against damage and harmful elements. 


  • Let your hair shine.Galaxy sparkling like having stars on your hair. That’s the effect of Starry Hair Leave On Conditioner. Just apply it on wet hair and watch it sparkle as it dries. It’s rinse-free and comes in 80ml tube making it easier for any emergency hair fix.
  • Works like any other hair conditioner. This rinse-free galaxy hair mask leaves a thin layer of coating that that shields your hair from harm while keeping it straight and smelling wonderful. Eliminate frizz, saturate and keep your hair sensible the entire day. 
  • Dazzle everyone. Catch everyone’s attention. A thin layer of starlight mica particles and minerals that sparkles even more when hit by light. It’s the perfect hair conditioner for evening events to make yourself shine even more in a crowd.
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove. Apply in 2 easy steps. Wet hair and apply the Starry Keratin Hair Leave On Conditioner. It lasts the entire day while rejuvenating your hair. Wash and remove on your next shampoo.
Product Details:
  • Elements: Nebula mica particles, xylitol, Amino Acids
  • Product content: 80m
Package Included:
  • 1 x Starry Keratin Hair Leave On Conditioner

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