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HandlePro Baseball Fielding Trainer

Best Baseball Receive field trainer

Learn the proper way of fielding a batted ball or handling a thrown ball with the use of thisHandlePro Baseball Fielding Trainer. Practicing this reinforces the use of two hands when handling a thrown ball. Ideal for infield training which aids in developing a quick "glove to throw" transition.


⚾Develop Quick Hands on the Field. Perfect for both beginners and professional athletes to excel on the field. This fielding trainer is designed for players of all caliber. This is the best infield training tool for developing quick hands while fielding ground balls or completing a double play. 

⚾High Quality Finger Foam. This 2pcs/set fielding trainer is made from durable and soft foam. Built-in elastic finger strips are easy to put on and will surely last a long time of use. Soft foam construction can fit in either hand which makes it fit for either right or left-handed players.

⚾Portable and Lightweight. Compact size makes it suitable to fit inside any sports bag. High toughness foam is used to strengthen the adhesive treatment surface for friction resistance. Focus more on training your techniques for any baseball or softball games!

Technical Details:

Components: Foam
Color: Black

Package Included:

1  x Baseball Fielding Trainer

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