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HD Phone Screen Amplifier Stand


Revolutionize The Way You View Your Mobile

Turn your cell phone into a 12-inch High-Definition portable movie theatre with our HD Phone Screen Amplifier Stand. No more huddling your friends over your shoulders to show a funny video, no more hand cramps from holding your phone for too long trying to watch a movie. This stand is a must-have for avid movie, tv, and YouTube fans!


Using a simple yet elegant magnification lens, this stand allows viewers to watch their favorite media with 3-4 times the HD magnification! Attach a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and play your favorite games or do important business anywhere at any time! Fill those boring waiting times in life with entertainment, now easier than ever.


Beneficial For Optic Health: By enlarging the picture, this stand reduces strain on the eyes caused by excessive focus on a small object. The lens also acts as a barrier for harmful blue light and radiation from your phone screen.

Portable & Functional: Weighing a little less than a pound, this stand is easy to slide into a backpack, bag, or purse. The screen slides out of its protective case and the stand legs fold out as well, making this stand easy to pack up and take anywhere.

Universally Compatible: This stand doesn't favor any specific branding, whether you use Apple, Android, or Google, this stand will support and increase the picture size of any mobile device.

High-quality Materials: Designed using strong ABS plastic and a Fresnel lens, this stand sturdy and durable. The non-slip silicone pad protects and stabilizes the phone.



Features: Gravity Expansion

Compatible Brands: Universal

Product Size: 260 * 175 * 10 mm/10.23*6.88*0.39''

Magnification: 3-4 times

Feature: 12-inch 3D Phone Screen Magnifier Amplifier

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