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Heat Resistant Privacy Film

Spice up your home with a fresh new look while increasing privacy and preventing heat or glare off windows. Heat Insulation Privacy Film is the easiest solution for coloring glass and making your home more cool and comfortable. Perfect for summer!

Simply measure, cut, and stick onto any window to create a more comfortable home in every way!

  • Easy To Use, Peel & Stick
  • Allows You To See Out, Stops Other Seeing In
  • Works On Homes, Vehicles, or Garages/Sheds
  • Enjoy More Privacy
  • Save Money On Air Conditioning
  • Prevent Sun Damage On Walls, Floors or Household Items
  • Thick, High-Quality Film

Blocks Out 85% Of Infrared Rays

No Sticky Residue = No Damage Or Effort When Removing!

Home will be more comfortable all year round, but especially in summer, blocking out 85% of ultraviolet rays, save money and keep cool inside. Great for vehicles, or any window, it can be cut to whatever size you desire.

UV Rays entering windows can not only make your house hot but cause long-term damage to items such as art, furniture electronics, floors, or walls.

More privacy, professional window tinting can cost thousands of dollars, this peel and stick film completely blocks out vision from people outside while allowing you to still enjoy the view. The option of blue, silver, gold, or black lets you customize the look to accommodate your home.


Size: 40 x 100/200/400cm - 60 x 100/200/400cm
Color:Silver, Gold, Blue, Black
Visible Light Transmission: 15%
Infrared Cut: 88%
Visible Light Reflectance: 8%
Thickness Of Film: 2.0MIL

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