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HeatPlus Color Changing Hair Dye

Want to try a different shade instead of your usual Ebony Black or Brunette Brown hair?

Get a complete hair color makeover with the HeatPlus Color Changing Hair Dye! This is a temporary hair coloring dye formulated to change color as the temperature changes. Save expenses on buying wigs whenever you want to change your hair color!  Super cool and brings a lot of excitement and fun to your everyday life. 

  • Weather-Dependent Hair DyeChange hairstyles and color anytime at the comfort of your home. It instantly changes its colors once the temperature goes up. Then it brings it back to your original hair shade when the temperature cools down. 
  • Instant and Ready to Go Hair Dye: Just spend an enjoyable moment while coloring your hair. No need to go to expensive salons! Simply apply this hair coloring wax to your clean and dried hair. Simple and easy and you are ready to go. This doesn’t stick to the hand at all. 
  • Enjoyable Hair Styling: Style your colored hair the way you want. Make sections and patterns over different hair styles. Braid, crimp, layer or even apply hair extensions. Watch your hair as it changes its color and back. Truly it gives a lot of excitement and a feeling of being fashionable.
  • Safe All-Natural Ingredient: This is made from 100% all natural plant extract that is non-toxic and safe to use. It does not hurt or harm the scalp. Suitable for all types of hair whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair.
  • Wide Range of Use: Perfect for party, cosplay, clubbing, Halloween, costume party and even for daily use too. To remove the hair color, simply wash if off and it’s done. You’re back to your original hair color. This is surely the most enjoyable and exciting coloring dye for your hair. 

Product Details:

Elements: Hair Color Cream

Content: 120ml

Product Include: 

1 xHeatPlus Color Changing Hair Dye

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