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HeatPlus Sealing Food Cover

Eat hot, delicious, and nutritious meals at all times!

Keep foods well heated and palatable using thisHeatPlus Sealing Food Cover. The multifunction food heating cover can heat, reheat, protect, or ferment food. Complete with tons of functions to cater to all your food needs!

  • Food Heating:Reheat and keep the food hot and delicious while laying on the table for serving.
  • Food Protection: Prevent the intrusion of flies and other unwanted insects.
  • Cleaning and disinfection: Because it has the heating capability, it can remove oil residue and kill harmful bacteria on your tableware.
  • Defrost: For your cold cuts and other frozen ingredients when you need to remove it from being frozen before cooking.
  • Fermentation: Ferment pasta to make it more easy to digest and nutritious.



  • Ergonomic Design: Designed in a shape of a big bowl with a handle at the side. The heating device is installed at the top to ensure an even distribution of heat. The default temperature is 50°C. Each time you press it, it can increase by 5°C. The highest temperature is 60°C and the lowest is 45°C.


  • Safe and High-Quality Product: Durable and guarantees a long time of usability. Non-toxic, odorless and will not cause harm to human health. Simply tap the power on/ off button to start the operation. Made from food grade glass installed with an electric heating device. 


  • Self-Cleaning Process: This HeatPlus Sealing Food Cover has the capacity to clean by itself. It uses one key to start the cleaning work within 90 minutes at a temperature of 70°C.


  • Range of Use: Suitable as a home dining table, round food cover, household vegetable cover and many more. Eat warm, delicious and healthy food everyday. Perfect for every household, hotels, restaurants and other food catering and serving business. 

Product Details:

Components: Glass
Color: Transparent
Size:18.x 42cm
Weight: 4.3lbs

Package Include:

1 x HeatPlus Sealing Food Cover
1 x cable

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