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Heavy-duty Hog Ring Plier

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Looking for a tool to fasten, crimp or connect wired-based fences fast and easy? Then this is the right one for you!

Heavy Duty Hog Ring Plier is a great do-it-yourself repair tool to fasten, close, and connect wired-based fences, signs, mesh bags, and home garden tagging and caging. Attach wires and lock them in place securely and with ease.


  • Load. Shoot. Lock. No need to individually load and lock the hog rings. Save a significant amount of time with its collated hog ring feeder. It is spring-loaded so it feeds the ring directly to the jaw one after the other which allows for continuous and fast work. 
  • How thick can they be? Heavy Duty Hog Ring Plier can close thick materials from 1-3/16" (0.48cm) to 7/16" hog rings. Close wire fences, fasten tension wires or close thick large bags. 
  • Just keep closing and locking.Work continuously and without hassle. Its rotating magazine allows the user to close large bags or connect wires even to tight spots without interference. 
  • We can't stress enough how it’s a must-have.A reliable and important handy tool for everyday repair needs. It can be used in a wide-range of applications like attaching signs to fences, wire cage assembly, fastening wires, stitching and repairing metal fabrication and more. 


  • Components: Iron-nickel Alloy, Manganese Steel
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: approx. 160 * 140mm
  • Shape: flat mouth
  • Function: crimping, fill the cage, M nails

Package Includes:

1 x Hog Ring Plier

1 box(600pcs) x Hog Ring M Clips

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