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HiBloc Magnetic Wooden Block Set


Colorful magnetic wooden blocks

Let your child explore his imagination and creativity by playing! These HiBloc Magnetic Wooden Block Sets are magnetic wooden building blocks that allow your child to stack and assemble them together. Create airplanes, cars, motorcycles, robots and more!


  • Colorful magnetic wooden blocks. Colorful, durable wood with smooth edges makes them fun and safe to play with even for toddlers. Get your child’s attention and keep their focus longer by making them create different figures and constructions. 

  • Boost your child’s imagination and storytelling abilities. They come in different colors and shapes to  allow your child to assemble and create figures like boat, motorcycle, car, airplane and more. Magnetic, rotatable and movable pieces. 

  • Support your child’s development.A great toy that helps develop your child’s cognitive abilities, motor skills, creativity, imagination, problem solving, balance and pattern recognition. These 3D wooden puzzles come in 6 pieces, 11 pieces or 12 pieces sets. Blocks are measured from 3x3 cm up to 12x 3cm sizes which are safe even for kids 3 years old and above. 

  • A toy set that lasts for generations. This toy set is durable and could last for ages. Made of quality wood blocks. No lead, no plastic parts, water-based color finish non toxic materials making it safe to use for kids and lasts longer than any other type of building blocks. 

Product Details:

Components:  Solid Wooden
Product Size: 3x3 cm up to 12x 3cm sizes
Color: multi color

Package Included:

1 x set Magnetic Wooden Blocks (6, 11, 12 pieces)

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