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HJ Line Positioning Zipper Foot

Fasten your zipper stitching

HJ Line Positioning Zipper Foot provides to make the zipper stitching more visible and precise because it enables the needle to get as close as possible to the end of the fabric. This can help you prevent sewing into the zipper teeth so you can achieve stellar results. Experience sewing on zip fasteners perfectly and with ease!


  • Position the zipper, hands-free.This clip-on foot presses down on material so you don't need to keep it lined up with your hands. This makes it quick and easy to stitch in the zipper strip with your sewing machine.

  • Lifesaver of your sewing projects.This can add a lot of ease to your sewing and save you a lot of time. This speeds up the time of your sewing. 

  • Do your stitching effortlessly. With proper adjustment, the zipper foot can be used for sewing the cord and piping. The height and width are easily adjustable so you can work comfortably anytime, even the screws can be adjusted to match your preference. 

  • Widely Applicable. HJ Line Positioning Zipper Foot is suitable for all low-shank, snap-on sewing machines, including models from Singer, Viking, Brother, Pfaff, Janome, New Home, Mitsubishi, and other manufacturers. 

Product Details:

  • Color: Silver
  • Components: Stainless Steel
  • Product Size: 120 mm
  • Product Weight: 100 g

Package Included:

  • 1 x HJ Line Positioning Zipper Foot 

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