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Holidayz Bleeding Color Changing Bathroom Mat

Get ready to play pranks on your family and friends as they get out of the shower. Scare them and confuse them with real-looking blood splatters and footprints with Holidayz Halloween Color Changing Bathroom Mat. It’s water activated and change automatically changes color into blood red making it look like you’re bleeding!

  • Real-looking bloody droplets and footprints. Our Holidayz Halloween Color Changing Bathroom Mat is made of a thin layer of plastic sheets that automatically reacts with water. It changes into blood color and leaves red stains. Here’s our fun way of blood bath! 
  • Setup for Halloween. It’s the perfect prank and set up for the Halloween season. Put it outside the shower room, close to the bath, or any place they can put it on wet feet. It's extraordinary and unimaginably realistic. It will give them a genuine scare!
  • Perfect for the horror fan. Love horror movies? Add this to your theme and give that scare every time you use a bathroom or toilet. It’s a great prank tool and a home decor as well. It’s almost invisible that you can place it on the wall or the floor. It turns back into white once it dries.
Product Details:
  • Components: Polyethylene
  • Size:16.5 x 27.5 in (40×70 cm)
  • Color: white

Package Included:
  • 1 x Bloody Bath Mat

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