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HoliTreats 3D Cake Molder Set

Create fun and cute three dimensional cakes in different figures and sizes. 

HoliTreats 3D Cake Molder Set comes with silicone mini molds in the shape of dog, reindeer, bear and puppy perfect for baking and making desserts like mini cakes, ice cream, fondant cake and even ice cubes. Each mold is made of 100% food grade silicone ideal for freezing and baking food and liquid. 

  • 3D Mini Scarf Pet Dog Silicone Mold -  Pliable and flexible, make cute cake mousse in a size of 55mm x 46mm. Turn your drinks and mini cakes into something cute and decorative puppy with a scarf.. 
  • 3D Toy Knitted Bear Silicone Mold - It can withstand  -40 to +210 degrees Celsius or -40 to+446 degrees Fahrenheit. Mold size comes in 9cm x 8.3cm x 2.7cm. Mold ice cubes, ice drops, ice creams and even mini cakes in the shape of cute bears. It’s a great baking accessory to create and decorate your fondant cake.
  • 3D Christmas Deer Mold - The HoliTreats 3D Cake Molder Set is also great for molding chocolate decors and even crafts such as candles and DIY soaps. It’s a multipurpose mold you can use for different applications. Holiday is coming so best be prepared to make your meals more festive and Christmasy. 
  • White 3D Shar Pei Dog Mold - Create an almost life size puppy in 15.5 x 4.8 x 7.5 cm mold. Have more fun baking and impress your family and friends with your fun and creative desserts. Here’s a perfect cake and dessert mold for the dog lovers. 

Product Details:

Components: food grade silicone

Product Size: 

3D bear -  9cm x 8.3cm x 2.7cm

3D reindeer- 2.54cm x 0.4 cm

3D  Shar pei - 15.5 x 4.8 x 7.5 cm

3D dog with scarf - 55mm x 46mm

Color: white

Package Included:

1 x 3D bear 

1 x 3D reindeer

1 x 3D  Shar pei 

1 x 3D dog with scarf

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