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HomeFx Christmas Decor Tablecloth


Turn your dining area into a stylish and festive place by fitting your dining table with this holiday season HomeFx Christmas Decor Tablecloth.

 Choose your pattern designed by the latest digital printing technology. Enjoy your dinner with a great Christmas atmosphere. Made from high-quality cotton and linen fabrics that are durable, non-toxic, anti-fading and water repellent. Enjoy your Christmas dinner with a well ensemble dining table. 

  • Festive Christmas tablecloth patterns. Cover your dining table in bright and Christmas patterns and colors. Using the latest printing technology, HomeFx Christmas Decor Tablecloth gives the elegant finishing touch to your dining area to complete the holiday season look. It fits tables of 40x70cm, 70x70cm, 85x85cm sizes. It also fits most rectangular-shaped tables such as buffet tables, picnic tables, dining tables, party tables and folding tables.  
  • Spillproof tablecloth to protect table surface. Protect your table not just from spills but also from scratches and stains. It’s a hard wearing tablecloth as it's also anti-fading, wrinkle free and dust-resistant.  Made from cotton and linen of high quality. 
  • Relaxed but elegant tablecloth decor. Use it for either casual or formal dining. Ideal for indoor and outdoor tables. Give your dining table that relaxed yet elegant look for the holiday season. You can also use it for other occasions like birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day and more. 
  • Low maintenance table cloth.Washable and quick dry. Made from high quality fabrics that repels stains and dust so it makes washing easier. It’s also tear and fade resistant so you can use it multiple times without losing its bright colors. 

Product Details:

Components: linen, cotton

Product Size:  40x70cm / 70x70cm  / 85x85cm

Color: multicolor

Package Included:

1 x Christmas Décor Table Cloth

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