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Automatic Lock Hook

Free from knots! Easy to tighten ropes!
  • Magic Mini Automatic Lock Hook helps you tie & tighten!
  • Make everything faster and easier!
  • Whether tethering a canoe to your vehicle, anchoring boxes to a dolly, or bundling wood, this rope hook secures large loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it.

Why do you choose it?

  • Convenient and fast rope locking mode, reliable and adjustable length.

  • High strength secc material, reliable and durable.

  • Innovative structural design that is lightweight but reliable.

  • Suitable for 2mm-4mm diameter rope.

  • Suitable for outdoor activities: camping, gardening, boating, hanging clothes, fishing etc.

  • Also suitable for indoor use: trunk storage, tying things, industrial use.

Main Features


The knot-free hook combines the functions of tightening, tension, hang, connect, wrap and secure light loads. Help to lock the cord and prevent it from skids away effectively, adjust the rope length easily. Help to protect your tent securely from strong wind and rainstorms.

Self-locking Structure

Rope pulley system, a very strong self-locking structure. Loop the rope through the hook, and pull it tight, it will lock automatically. Free from knots! Easy to tighten ropes!

Fits Various Rope Sizes

The rope tightener fits rope sizes from 2mm to 4mm, a perfect tent wind stopper. Strong load-bearing.

Small and Portable

Made of quality secc material, anti-corrosion, strong and durable. Small in size 34x13x8mm, easy to put in your pocket or backpack, portable to carry.

Widely Used

Easy to bind objects properly outdoors or indoors, it is an outdoor and daily binding assistant. Make everything faster and easier.




Material: Secc

Dimensions: 34x13x8mm

Single Weight: 15g

Suitable Rope Size: 2mm - 4mm

Package Includes: 1x Automatic Lock Hook 4pcs/pack

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