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Hula Hoop Hero


Summer Is Here, Are You Ready?

💪 Hula Hoop Hero is fun, physical, and a highly effective way to tone your body

💪 Unlike traditional hoops, ours is designed to fit comfortably and never fall off your waist

💪 Adjustable weight ball allows you to always be working out with the weight that best suits you

Hula hooping is an amazing exercise for toning and strengthening your core, legs, and glutes while increasing your cardio. The only problem is it incredibly hard to do, so most people don't.

The Hula Hoop Hero™ is the easiest and most efficient way to hula hoop ever invented! It is designed using several adjustable rings that fasten snugly to your body shape ensuring that it won't fall off during use. The weighted ball can be opened with a screwdriver and adjusted so that you're always getting the best workout for your body.


Total-Body Workout 

Traditional hoops are geared more strictly towards shaping your waist. The Hula Hoop Hero's™ unique design and weighted ball not only strengthens and shapes your core but also tones your arms and shapes your legs. You'll feel your entire body getting a full workout.


Age Group: 18-60 
Function: Full-body shaping & toning
Material: ABS
Color: Pink/Purple
Maximum Diameter: 45cm
Ball Size: 11*7*7cm

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