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HYHM Easy Stick-On Disposable Car Trash Bags


No need for trash bins in the car. This bag is better. 


With HYHM Easy Stick-On Disposable Car Trash Bags, you can save space and conveniently place a trash bag in a more accessible spot These biodegradable self-adhesive cleaning bags are leak-proof trash bag that you can easily stick on any surfaces like cars, under desks or any temporary places where you can easily dispose of trash.  Perfect for long drives, movie theatres, offices and strolls with babies or pets. 



  • Convenient car trash bags. Car trash bins are usually not available and trash and crumbs are left in the car seats and floor. Keep your car neat and tidy by having a disposable trash bag ready. HYHM Easy Stick-On Disposable Car Trash Bags is self adhesive with enough weight capacity. Stick on the dashboard or backseats for convenience. 

  • Biodegradable and easy to dispose of. This self-adhesive trash bag is biodegradable, leak-proof and can hold up to 3 pounds of weight. Made from PEVA material so it is eco-friendly and highly recyclable. Just throw it in and dispose of it all at once.  It comes in cute cartoon designs that’s a total mood maker. No need to dirty your hands throwing and cleaning the car trash bin. 
  • Multipurpose disposable bag. Not just for holding trash but can also be a storage bag. Use it to hold trash in the car and also in places like movie theatres, parks, beaches, sports stadiums, office cubicles and more where you can keep your trash in one place and dispose of it after. 

Product Details:

Components: PEVA 

Product Size: 12.2x9.6 inches

Color: yellow, red, blue

Package Included:

1 x bag easy stick-on disposable car trash bags (15 pcs)

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