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ImMaker DIY Silicone Clock Mold Kit


Customizable clock molds 

Create your own clock with your customized design and personal touch with ImMaker DIY Silicone Clock Mold Kit! It is the perfect DIY tool that allows you to make clocks in a variety of sizes, designs, numerals and more. Get crafty and creative with this set of molders for that perfect clock gift for your family and friends.  



  • Numerical Silicone Clock Mold. Create 10cm and 15cm diameter clocks using this NumericalImMaker DIY Silicone Clock Mold Kit. Made from high quality and flexible resin silicone that is high temperature resistant. Great mold for making various clock designed decorative ornaments, candle holders, jewelry dishes, coasters,  bowls and more! 
  • Customize your clock gifts.  Assemble your clock and see how they work. Create your own design in different sizes and colors. All you need to do is pour your resin solution into the molder. Smooth finish and edges and easy to demold.
  • Design and assemble your own clock. This is your own personal and customized clock. An ideal gift for clock and watch enthusiasts, DIYers and more. Complete working set from the silicone plate of your design. Silent moving hands, rings from 2.1cm to 1cm and clock mechanism and battery. 

Product Details:

Components: resin silicone
Product Size: 10cm / 15cm diameters
Product Weight: 220 Grams
Color: white

Package Included:

1 x Set Silicone Clock Mold Set

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