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Industrial-Strength Windshield Degreaser and Protectant

Drive securely and up your driving experience when you see the street all the more obviously through your windshield with the assistance of this Industrial-Strength Windshield Cleaner and Degreaser! It takes soil, grime, and oil off your vehicle windshield, windows, and mirrors successfully and keeps it clear in any event, when it rains.


  • Newer, longer! - Aside from washing oil off, it keeps your windshield, mirrors, and windows free from scratches.

  • No bubbling - Keeps water from getting trapped within the window tint to prevent permanent and unsightly bubbling that makes your car look cheap.

  • Extends cleaning time - It repels dust and stains, you won’t be cleaning as often as you did before having this degreaser and protectant.

  • Not just for cars - Its safe formulation makes it suitable to be used on home windows and mirrors, too. You can use it as an all-around window and glass cleaner and protectant. 


Net weight: 100ml

Package includes

1 x Industrial-Strength Windshield Degreaser and Protectant

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