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Inflate+ Giga Bubble Balloon


Leakproof Bubble Balloon Ball


Perhaps your kids have attained peak excitement with their everyday activities and favorite sports. But fun shouldn’t be hard to find especially during the warmer months. Get the kids outdoors! Let them breathe some fresh air, inflate these bubble balls for the outdoor garden or beach pool play with this Inflate+ Giga Bubble Balloon. Looks like a balloon that you can float, swing, dribble, rotate, shock, and make a funny sound. When you're finished playing, you can even deflate them and keep for next time use.


  • Durable and Soft Material: Kick, jump or even sit on it without worrying about deflation. It will remain inflated for as long as your children are playing with it. Made of thermoplastic rubber TPR which is an environmentally friendly material. Soft and durable. 
  • Easy to Inflate and Deflate:So easy, even your kids can do it! To inflate, simply insert the included blow tube into the valve. Blow until your desired size is reached. Upon deflating, the ball folds compactly for easy storage and travel. Inflatable with both air or water. 
  • Leakproof Design:These Inflate+ Giga Bubble Balloons are designed with an anti-leakage valve. When filled with water to inflate, the valve can be closed with tape to avoid leakage. Play hard without worrying about leaks!
  • Wide Range of Use: Use it as outdoor toys, line up for parties, and birthday presents. They make great carnival prizes for little kids and are also fun gift ideas for boys and girls for just about any occasion.

Product Details:

Components: TPR

Blowing Diameter S: 30cm/11.81" (Approx.)

Blowing Diameter M: 50cm/19.69" (Approx.)

Blowing Diameter L: 70cm/27.56" (Approx.)

Blowing Diameter XL: 120cm/47.24" (Approx.)

Package Included:

1 x Inflate+ Giga Bubble Balloon

1 x Blowing Tube

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