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JCR Lumbar Decompression Air Traction Belt

Assist spine rehabilitation

Remove pressure away from your lumbar spine area. Relieve back pain and encourage rehabilitation using JCR Lumbar Decompression Air Traction Belt. It’s an air inflated back brace that helps decompress and stretches your torso vertically and reduces the weight pressure on your spine region. 

JCR Lumbar Decompression Air Traction Belt helps alleviate pain caused by pinched nerves. It works by stretching your torso vertically which in turn improves your core and back muscles.  Decompress your spine region and rehabilitate your discs to return to normal. 


  • Assist spine rehabilitation. This traction belt helps in assisting rehabilitation of spine especially if you’re suffering from bulging disc, degenerative disc, herniated disc or thinning disc. Inflatable and easy very easy to use. Wear this directly against your skin for 30-60 minutes everyday and notice significant improvements. 
  • Relieve your back after strenuous physical activity. Not only for those with lumbar issues. You can likewise utilize this belt to mitigate your back, particularly after demanding actual efforts. Utilize this if your work requires hard work, after extended periods of driving and sitting, planting, playing golf, weight preparing and more!
  • Improve your overall health.This inflatable lumbar traction belt also corrects your posture, improves blood circulation and nutrient flow to your spine region. Hence, improving your overall health. Relieve back pain, retain your focus, sleep better at night, improve productivity and reduce stress. Fits 29-49 inch waist. 

Product Details:

Components: Polyurethane, cotton
Length of Traction Belt 43.3 inch 
Length of Extension Belt 7.8 inch
Width Before Inflation 5.1 inch 
Width After Inflation 7.9 inch 
Waist size: 29-48 inches ( 73cm - 122 cm)
Color: Beige

Package Included:

1 x Lumbar Decompression Air Traction Belt

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