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KickBlocks Kids Suspension Boxing Reflex Ball

Suspension reflex boxing ball for speed and agility

Develop your and your kid’s reflexes by training with KickBlocks Kids Suspension Boxing Reflex Ball. A reflex ball suspended with an elastic rubber rope is a perfect workout and playtime for you and your kids at home, especially for boxing enthusiasts. Improve your hand-eye coordination, agility and improve your speed.

                                             HIGHLIGHT BENEFITS

💪Improve your speed with dodge and strike.Improve your speed and agility with this perfect reflex exercise.  KickBlocks Kids Suspension Boxing Reflex Ball is suspended on a 2.9 meter elastic rubber rope which can be adjusted to your kid or your punching level. Exercise your reflex with the dodge and strike technique. 

💪Work on your punches without hurting your hands. This requires hand-eye coordination, speed and agility in movements. A safe training equipment to practice your punches without hurting your hands. This solid inflated ball is made of PU material, it’s lightweight and can withstand aggressive boxing. It easily bounces back through the elastic rope. The challenge is to maintain the rhythm and counteract the speed of the ball.

💪Perfect training and playtime for kids to stay active. Keep your kids active and give them playtime and workout in one. This suspension reflex boxing ball is perfect for training coordination, focus, shot precision and relaxation.  

💪Training equipment you can install at home for kids.Install by simply tying it on any bars and hold it below with a strong suction vacuum that can withstand up to 10kg. Set it up easily outdoors or indoors. Easy to assemble and no drilling needed. Spend time with your kids and train together. Stay active while improving your parent-child relationship. 

Product Details:

Components: PU material 
Product Size: 2.9m  elastic rope / 56mm ball diameter 
Color: green

Package Included:

1 x Suspension Boxing Reflex Ball
1 x suction vacuum
1 x storage bag

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