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Kid’s Driving Simulation Steering Wheel


Kid’s Driving Simulation Steering Wheel

This Driving Simulation Steering Wheel will spike their imagination and make them feel like they’re driving the car with you while learning the basics of responsible driving, safely. Let your child enjoy the road when you’re out for a drive! 


  • Get them driving! - Complete with signal lights, horn, speedometer, and 360° rotatable steering wheel, this steering wheel will make your child feel like they’re the ones driving. You’ll also be able to establish trust and independence.

  • Out of the box educational toy - It’s a good exercise toy for their fine motor skills, teaches them about fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, too.

  • Easy surface mounting - Equipped with 3 strong suction cups that securely stick on the car dashboard and other surfaces, you won’t be bothered by the steering wheel coming off in the middle of a drive.

  • Long-lasting toy - It’s a toy legacy! This toy is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, your child can pass it on to their younger siblings while teaching them the basics. 

  • Unique present for the lil’ ones! - Surprise the little ones on their special day with there very own steering wheel! Playing race car driver will be more fun!


Dimension: 24cm x 11cm x 27cm

Package includes

1 x Driving Simulation Steering Wheel

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