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KiddooPlay Hanging Hammock Sofa

Sky Blue

Children love to play! Add an additional touch of your care by giving them a comfortable place to play and at the same time, they can relax and learn a sense of balance.


ThisKiddooPlay Hanging Hammock Sofawill give your children a warm and peaceful place to play. Provide them with their own area that can help them relax and have fun even at home.

  • Fun and Relaxing Hammock: Children will love to play inside. Let them climb or swing in this relaxing KiddooPlay Hanging Hammock Sofa. It brings them a feeling of happiness and full relaxation. Now they will have a space of their own where they can  read, play, listen to music, swing, nap, and more.
  • High-Quality Inflatable Material:Super durable hammock can hold up to 80kg. It is made from cotton and polyurethane that gives them a comfortable touch and is strong enough to hold your kids. Use it both indoor and outside or use it as a tool or toy stockpiling.
  • Different Bright Colors to Choose From: Simple but elegant colors make it a great addition to your children's room, play area, or in the tree. Easily choose the colors that fit your room style or your kid's favorite color from green, blue, red, white, and sky blue. 
  • Easy to Install Anywhere: Use the proper mounting accessories that are ideal for your wall, tree, or ceiling. Make sure it will hold up to 175 pounds to avoid children from falling while swinging. Assemble the hook and attach the hammock to it. Then put the inflatable pillow inside before blowing it up.

Product Details:


Weight Capacity: 175 lbs / 80 kg

Suitable Age: 3 and up

Components: Cotton, Polyurethane

Color: Blue, Red, Green, Sky Blue

Size: 27.6 "x 59" / 70x150 cm

Package Include: 

1 x KiddooPlay Hanging Hammock Sofa

1 x Inflatable Cushion

1 x Hook

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