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KIXX Multifunction Floor Drain Triangle Ruler

Design and measure your tile position for the floor drain hole using this KIXX Multifunction Floor Drain Triangle Ruler. 

Create drain holes with neat and precise patterns. This multi-angle ruler accurately measures angles to help you create patterns and templates for your floor drain on a tile, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and more. 

  • Measure and position your drain hole on a tile. Achieve a neat and precisely cut drain hole by marking which angle and position you want it to be by using KIXX Multifunction Floor Drain Triangle Ruler. It is a stainless triangular ruler with laser engraved measurement markings. This helps you measure and draw your templates easier. 
  • Know where to exactly cut out your tiles.Creating a drain hole for your bathroom, toilet or sink requires proper measurement and precise cutting. The ruler allows you to draw your drain parameters in different sides and angles. It can measure from 250mm on a 45 degrees or 90 degrees angle and 355mm straight line. Cut tiles and assemble them better for a precise drain hole. 
  • Measure and mark on different materials.Measure, mark and connect your patterns before cutting them out using this simple tool. Perfect for marking drain holes on ceramic tiles, glass, marble and even wooden boards. Made from aluminum alloy material. It’s rust resistant and does not easily deform.

  • For DIY home improvements and professional use. Perfect for hobbyists, DIYers or professionals, this is a must-have addition to your tool box for renovating, reconstructing or constructing your drain holes for your kitchen, bathroom and comfort room.

Product Details:

Product Size: 250mm x 355mm

Product Weight: 250g

Color: silver 

Components: aluminum alloy 

Package Included:

1 x KIXX Multifunction Floor Drain Triangle Ruler

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