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Knitting Calculator and Counting Frame

Easily count stitches and row numbers

Enjoy knitting and stitching with precise counting using Knitting Calculator and Counting Frame. This basic yet helpful instrument adjusts on examples, strain, and sizes to commit more exact estimations and fewer errors. Easily count stitches, row numbers and prevent frogging. It’s an excellent tool for checking your gauge when knitting. 


  • Knitting for beginners and expertsA must-tool for beginners and experienced knitters. Our Knitting Calculator and Counting Frame is easy to understand and use. It has built-in row measurements and sizes for measuring the amount of wool or yarn to use. 

  • Count your stitches precisely. No more repeats and frogs. Measure and count your stitches precisely using the built-in counting frame. It has a measurement guide from 10cm up to 55cm and needle and width sizes from 1.5mm up to 10mm. Save your time with a calculator. It gives the precise width of knitting required and number of stitches. 

  • Great tool for customized projects. Making customized items and projects?Create socks, clothes, baskets and more projects with precise and better results.

    This knitting calculator makes it easier to count and measure in seconds. Spin your yarn and finish each stitch with uniformed and appropriate tension. 

  • Learn the basics of knitting and knit like an expert. Any knitter will love this handy tool. Great addition to knitting hobby. It has everything you need to know about knitting. From width, number of yarn/wool, needle size to tension. 

Product Details:

Components: Plastic
Dimension: 15x15cm

Package Included:

1 x Knitting Calculator and Counting Frame

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