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Knotted Steel Wire Deburring Brush


Non-ferrous metals cleaning tool

Knotted Steel Wire Deburring Brush offers high impact brushing against rust, scale, spatter, paint, and corrosion. Fast and consistent power brush for heavy-duty metallic surface deburring, edge cleaning, and polishing. It’s also fast and efficient and ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

Clean with no repeats.Aggressive and high performing Knotted Steel Wire Deburring Brush cleans thoroughly and leaves no residual stains. Removes even the most stubborn rust deposits. 

One steel brush for multiple applications. Heavy duty and made with high tensile strength to work on various industrial cleaning applications. Ideal for deburring, derusting, paint stripping, descaling, rust cleaning, weld seams cleaning - slags, silicate, blue discoloration and metal surface polishing.

Aggressive and quiet operation.Constructed with an internal holding plate to reduce kick back and maintain low vibration during operation. The 1/4-Inch diameter fit is mountable with all common angle grinders and power drills. 

Handy cleaning tool for living spaces. Industrial quality cleaning for households. Clean and polish any non-ferrous metals in your car,  garage, kitchen, office and more. 

Product Details: 

Mounting diameter: 1/4-Inch                                                                                   Components: steel wire
Color: silver
Size: 3" x .014" x 1/4"
Steel wire diameter: 0.3mm / 0.01in

Package Included:

1 x Knotted Steel Wire Deburring Brush

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