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KTMX Yarn Guide Knitting Thimble Ring (3PCS/SET)

Knit as much as you want without hurting or burning your hands with the yarn.

Run and pull yarn wool smoothly through KTMX Yarn Guide Knitting Thimble Ring. This finger ring is made of stainless steel and designed to help hold your yarn in place and maintain its tension. A must-have tool for knitting, crocheting and stitching. 

  • A must-have and practical knitting tool. Knitting can be fun, but long periods of pulling through wool and yarn can make your fingers uncomfortable and sometimes burn. Inserting a KTMX Yarn Guide Knitting Thimble Ring can help you smoothly and continuously pull yarn while knitting. 
  • Hold yarn in place conveniently. No more coiling the yarn on your finger while knitting. Just insert this knitting ring and pass through the yarn to its adjustable coil and start knitting without feeling the yarn burning through your fingers. Keep yarn in place and prevent it from tangling as you pull. 
  • Keep an even tension on the yarn.Designed with spiral stainless steel and 2 coils on both ends to not just hold the yarn in place but to keep an even tension when knitting. This ring is 1x 1.5cm and 1x 2cm and comes in different diameters - 17mm for small and 19mm for large. Keeping yarn tension makes neater and more solid knits. 

Product Details:

Components: Stainless steel 

Product Size: 10×17mm/0.67 inch small / 10×19mm/0.75 inches large

Color: silver

Package Included:

2 x Knitting Thimble Ring (small /  large)

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