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FlawlessGlow™ Dermaplaning Facial Exfoliator

The Secret To Soft, Glowing Skin!

Models and influencers magically possess naturally glowing skin, there are good reasons:  a great makeup team, genetics, and skincare. Many pay top dollar for exfoliating treatments and skin cleansers, that's why we created the JackJillian Exfoliator, for the first time cleanse your pores, get rid of peach fuzz, and rejuvenate dry skin in one simple process.

Includes 6 Replacement Heads

  • Eliminates Peach Fuzz
  • Exfoliates Dead Skin
  • See Instant Results, Smoother Skin
  • No Pain, No Cuts
  • Easy Application, No Special Skill Needed

"This is my new favorite, it leaves my face super soft and smooth after just one use. Product and makeup application on easier. And it gets rid of my peach fuzz with no pain or irritation."
    - Carrie Daniels

    "It removes hair with ease and exfoliates all the dead skin away instantly.. I couldn't believe the amount of stuff coming off my face the first time I did it. This is definitely going into my weekly beauty routine."

    - Janet Louise

    Even if you haven't heard of us, chances are, you have seen the results. 

    Go From Peach Fuzz To Smooth In Minutes!

    Gentle and easy, that was our goal when creating our exfoliator, a lightweight design that glides effortlessly, you will see instant results as the fuzz and dead skin builds up on the edge of the razer. Disgusting, but satisfying!

    Allowing product such as moisturizer and facemasks to penetrate your pores deeper, it will let your skin breathe and absorb nutrients and product better, ultimately leading to younger-looking, softer skin.

    A Quick & Pain-Free Process!

    Our blades feature cutting-edge technology to allow gentle contact to the skin while still delivering a good cut. No more nicks, cuts, or bleeding that just won't stop, the JackJillian Exfoliator is a tool you can trust to not ruin your day.

    How To Use

    1. Wash with a face cleanser and then dry your face.
    2. Run the exfoliator against the hair on your face. 
    3. Excessive pressure is not needed for it to work.
    4. Do not use over inflamed skin.
    5. Using the UV light, get a closer look and run over patchy areas a second time.
    6. Use your favorite product, moisturizer, or face mask and enjoy clean, beautiful skin!

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