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Lotus Magic Flower Birthday Candle


These candles : oddlysatisfying

Get rid of the candlesticks and make wishing and singing of happy birthdays more fun and unique to the celebrant. Make your wish on this Magic Flower Birthday Candle instead. Your new cake topper that’s perfect for all occasions and all ages. Blooming flower candles that sing you an extraordinary tune can transform any cake into something fantastic.


  • Watch your candle bloom. Light up the middle fuse and watch the Lotus Magic Flower Birthday Candle bloom. A flower with 14 petals. Each petal has a candle that opens up like a slowly blooming flower and lights up your entire cake.
  • Blow your candles properly.Rotating cake topper. It’s not enough that it blooms, it also rotates slowly making the cake look even more extraordinary. It blooms and slowly rotates which allows you to blow all your candles properly without missing one.
  • Turn an ordinary cake extraordinary. Turn any simple cake or cupcake into something extraordinary by simply adding this magic flower birthday candle. It also sings a happy birthday tune as it turns. It’s automatic and has a built-in battery so you can reuse and play it many times.
Birthday Musical Rotating Lotus Flower Cake Candle – divineshopper
  • Surprisingly romantic and fun. You get a sparkle, blooming petals and rotating flower that plays happy birthday. It’s a romantic sight to see. You only need to light once then watch how this unique candle sets up the mood of the occasion.
Product Details:
  • Lotus Diameter: 5.5 cm / 2.2 inch
  • Battery: Battery Button (Included)
  • Components: Paraffin, Plastic
  • Height: 11cm / 4.3inch

Package Included:
  • 1 x Lotus Magic Flower Birthday Candle

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