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MagicShelf™ Adjustable Drill-Free Cabinet Storage Rack


MagicShelf™ Adjustable Storage Rack

The #1 best-selling adjustable shelf for your organizing needs

Got a headache not knowing where to store your things? Want to add more layer in your closet or cabinet? We know exactly what you need!

This space-saving Adjustable Drill-Free Cabinet Storage Rack can help you to make good use of the space you can’t reach that's wasted all the time. It fits for almost any mountable places cause is jacked up flexibly.


✔️ Fits any mountable place

✔️ Strong load bearing of 15kg

✔️ Adjustable pole length for best durability

✔️ Save tons of space

✔️ Wide use of application

✔️ Versatile & innovative design

✔️ Easy to install, no screws or tools needed!

Wide use of application

Suitable for a lot of places like your wardrobe, cupboard, bathroom, kitchen, living room, above washing machine, above refrigerator, bookcase, utility rooms, garages and more!

Versatile & innovative design

Cabinets? Closet? Cupboards? You name it. We got your back with our patented & innovative MagicShelf™

You can now make use of the empty spaces on your cabinets & closets. This amazing space-saving product just solves most of household owners' organizing woes!

Small or big objects can be placed on this adjustable storage shelf, where the other side was made with convenient rails for easy hanging of clothes, scarves, belts & more.

It's nail-free, drill-free & glue-free

No holes and screws needed! No more worrying for any damage or mark of your furnitures. This MagicShelf™ can be installed between a gap without additional fittings, no fancy tools needed.

Designed with you in mind, it's totally adjustable to make everything convenient and easier for you.

Fits almost any mountable places  

Use MagicShelf™ to maximize that wasted space in your cupboards and closets! The MagicShelf™ can fit to almost any places. Even with uneven walls or cabinets, its adjustable poles will make everything possible for you. 

Adjustable length

The adjustable rack can be stretched freely, hence no worries if you don't get your closet or cupboard's exact measurement. The shelves have different sizes available which can be stretched to different lengths. 

Premium Quality & Strong load bearing

The premium quality materials makes it possible for these shelves to carry up to a maximum load of 15kg. Store as many stuff as you need and the MagicShelf™ will take care of the rest!


Easy installation, no drilling & no screws needed!

Step 1- Open the fixing button & attach the poles 

Step 2 - Install 4 anti-slip pads & twist the 2 fine-tuning knobs to the marked position.

Step 3 - Stretch the rack to installation position, make both ends aligned with wall or other surface

Step 4 - Press the fixing buttons.

Step 5- Tighten 2 fan-shaped screws to fix the smaller tube

Step 6 - Tighten 2 fan-tuning knobs clockwise to fix the rack

That's it! No drilling holes or screws needed. Perfect of DIYers or simply homeowners with minimal space at home and organizing problems.

Grab your and make your place clutter-free, spacious and well-organized today!


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