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Magic Soil™ Biodegradable Plant Beads



You've probably seen these colorful beads in flower vases at weddings, restaurants, or hotels. But did you know that they're actually an easy, fun, and colorful new way to grow house plants?

Magic Soil™ retains water and grows to 50 times its original size. It provided nourishment to the plant roots with little effort to the plant owner. It's been dubbed "the best way to care for house plants."

Plants don't actually require soil to grow, all they need is air, water, and a source of nutrients for their roots. These beads provide the air and the water while giving your plants a creative new look.

1 Pack Includes 500 Beads!

These beads act as an inert medium made from water-absorbing polymer gel. They start off very small and then grow as they absorb water. These beads are a perfect replacement for potting soil because they automatically maintain the moisture level for house plants, releasing water to the plant as needed.


Non-Allergenic: If you or anyone in your house has allergies, they may react poorly to the fungus/mold that grows in damp, old potting soil. Where there is fungus growing there will always be fungus gnats as well, so you can say goodbye to those as well.

Water-Conservative: You'll find yourself watering your plants much less due to the fact that these beads release water to the plant as needed, so you won't damage your plants due to over/under-watering your plants.

Good For Roots: Root rot will no longer be a threat to your plants due to the small crevices between the beads that allow small pockets of air to form. Any standing water that forms is easy to pour out.

More Foliage: Nutrients are supplied through the water with a water-soluble fertilizer. That means your plants will grow more foliage and spend less energy growing out their roots.

Package Includes:

500x Magic Soil Plant Beads of your color choosing

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