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Magik Krafts™ Kids Drawing Stencil

Color Combinations
Pink & Pink
Pink & Blue
Pink & Yellow
Pink & Green
Blue & Blue
Blue & Yellow
Blue & Green
Yellow & Yellow
Yellow & Green
Green & Green

Unlock Your Child's Creative Side:

🎨 By using various colored pens, your child can learn valuable skills about color combinations.

🎨 Comes with three different sized stencils and 5 different sized circles, the combinations are endless, allowing your child to express their creativity over and over again.

🎨 With the built-in ruler, your child can get an early step-up on making proper measurements, spacing, and practicing their distances.

People of all ages love to doodle and draw. Our Magik Krafts™ Drawing stencil will help your children develop necessary coordination skills that will become useful in school and the workplace.

    While this is a fun and educational crafting tool for children by design, it can help anyone regardless of age get the most out of their art. It couldn't be simpler to use, meaning anyone regardless of skill or age can pick up their stencil and add a touch of creativity to any piece of art. 

    Package Contains:

    2x Stencils of Your Chosen Color

    3x Stencil Gears

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