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WireMag™ Magnetic Wire Runner


Say goodbye to tapping on walls, sticking your hands in holes, and struggling to wire neatly. Magnetic Wire Runner allows you to attach the desired wire to a magnet and then be guided by another magnet so you can effortlessly wire cleanly.

Perfect for professional use or everyday household work!

Simple yet effective,
the tool uses a magnetic puck and a magnet that attaches to the end of any wire. The wire magnet is small yet powerful, fitting in any hole or tube.

Compact and Portable, it's a must-have tool in any toolbox. You don't know what you need until you need it, Magnetic Wire Puller ensures you'll never be stuck for hours trying to run wire.

Durable and Powerful, the magnets are military-grade covered in a light plastic material that slides on rugged surfaces such as concrete or old chipped tubing.

Don't be stuck on your next project, save time and frustration by having this tool ready!

How To Use

1. Uncoil the cord from the spool, place the bait magnet (with a cord attached) through the area that you need.

2. Secure the cable (up to 10mm) to the eyelet attachment.

3. Connect it with scout magnet together. Using the thumb grip, pull the cord through the wall.

4. Pull the cable through the void with ease.


Material: Nylon
Cable Length: 20 Ft / 6 M
Suitable Wall Thickness: 25 mm

Package Contents 

1 x Nylon Rope
1 x Scout & Bait Magnet
1 x Eyelet Leader


  • Because of the strength of the magnet, you must keep it separate from your electrical testing equipment or anything affected by magnetism.
  • Because of the strength of the magnet, we do not recommend it be used in the glass wall.

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