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MediDispense! Pet Tablet Feeder


Caring for your ill cats and dogs becoming too troublesome and alarming?


Giving them the necessary medicine causes a lot of problems. This is considering their sharpened teeth and paws that might cause harm to your or the attending caretaker. Eliminate your worries! Feed tablets or medicines to your pets easily and safely with ourMediDispense! Pet Tablet Feeder!


  • Multi-Medicine Dispenser: Feed your beloved pets with medicine quickly with this syringe-type dispenser tool. Work perfectly well with both tablets and liquids. Directly pop pills to your pet’s throat without having them spit it out! Prevent sharp claws or teeth from biting or scratching you. 


  • Harm-free and Effective: This MediDispense! Pet Tablet Feeder is in syringe form with a soft silicone tip. Fully designed with finger rings for easy dispensing procedure. Washable, reusable, durable and portable. Made of 100% food grade plastic material, this medicine dispenser guarantees safe use and will not endanger your pet’s life and condition. 


  • How to Use: 
    • Insert a pill at the tip of the pill popper. Or load the liquid medicines into the barrel.
    • Place index and middle fingers under finger rings of pill popper. 
    • Open the pet's mouth with one hand over top of head and muzzle.
    • Apply pressure with fingers on each side of the jaw hinge.
    • Insert pill popper over tongue and to back of mouth and quickly push plunger to administer.
    • Stroke or massage their throat for a successful medicine feeding


  • Wide Range of Use: This is a leak proof feeding device used to feed water, milk, calcium tablets, pills,and medicine for your pets. Perfect for any breed and also for their young ones - puppies and kittens. The safest way of caring for your ill dogs and cats!


Product Details:

Components: Plastic

Available Color: Green, Blue, Red


Package Includes:

1 xMediDispense! Pet Tablet Feeder

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