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Melt & Fix Handy Moldable Bioplastic Sheet

 Fix broken plastic items with this quick solution

Get a temporary or long-lasting fix solution to your broken tools or items using Melt & Fix Handy Moldable Bioplastic Sheet. This impressive pocket-sized card is strong and moldable into different shapes and sticks on other plastics. All you need to do is melt it in hot water, mold it and attach it to another plastic. It’s lightweight, handy, and small in size that you can bring it everywhere with you. It’s a quick fix to many emergency situations.


  • Fix broken items with this quick solution. Melt & Fix Handy Moldable Bioplastic Sheet is a meltable bioplastic. All you need is hot water to fix a broken plastic. When placed in hot water, it softens enough to mold into your desired shape. Create a handle for your tools, fix a broken part of a toy or simply create something new. 

  • Pocket-sized plastic solution. A handy fix for many emergency situations that you can easily carry around. Pocket-friendly and as small as a credit card. Bring it with you anywhere - in your wallet, pocket, and a small bag. It’s the handiest solution you can bring to fix broken plastics.

  • Creative and practical plastic solution. Moldable, reusable, non-toxic, and long-lasting. Play with your creativity and create solutions or new items out of a small sheet of this plastic. Use it for a wide range of applications, recycle and reuse it for different purposes. It’s convenient and very practical. 

Product Details:

  • Color: random
  • Components: Soluble plastic
  • Product Size: 10x 3x 0.2cm
  • Product Weight: 10g

Package Included: 

  • 1 x pack Handy Moldable Bioplastic Sheet (3pcs)


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