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MENW Full Upper Body Power Twister Workout

You only need one equipment to get a full upper body workout. 

MENW  Full Upper Body Power Twister Workout gives your chest, arms, back and core an intense resistance workout. No need for heavy lifting equipment or going to the gym. Workout your upper body even at home. 

  • Exercise whenever you have time.Exercise anytime, anywhere - at home, at work, or during a trip. Get intense strength training for your chest, back, arms and core using one piece of equipment. Don’t miss out on your workout. MENW  Full Upper Body Power Twister Workout is made for people who find it difficult to schedule a gym session.  
  • Develop muscle strength and endurance.Adjustable resistance from 20 to 60 kgs. You can increase or decrease resistance levels of your preference.  Multiple force combinations and four springs that offer different force sizes. Hold it in front of your body, overhead, one hand curl or bend it up to 90 degrees to get the full body workout in angles and strength of your preference. 
  • Full upper body workout in one equipment.Made of stainless steel springs that were electroplated, smoothed with round edges. It’s rust resistant and can be easily cleaned. Designed with rubber handles for secure and sweat-free grip. 

  • Workout that effectively shapes your muscles.Exercise your upper body even in a limited space. Easy to store away or bring anywhere with you. It offers the traditional strength and resistance training along with calisthenics. Stuck at home? Exercise and feel your chest, shoulders, biceps and stomach shaped the way you want them. 

Product Details:


Color: red

Components: stainless steel, fine steel, elastic cotton

Product Size: 66.5cm x 17.5cm

Product Weight:

Package Included:

1 x Full Upper Body Power Twister Workout

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