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MGC 3D Crystal Christmas House Mold

Create your own crystal Christmas house decors. 

Use this MGC 3D Crystal Christmas House Mold to make epoxy resin models for your house decors, jewelry, centerpiece, and more. Make a magical and unique crystal house complete with all sides for roofs, walls, fireplace, windows, pine trees, and more. 

  • Evenly shaped and detailed silicone molds. No irregular shapes and no rough edges. Use resin to mold every part of your Christmas house model. MGC 3D Crystal Christmas House Mold is a complete  2-piece mold with all the details to make a unique and customized decor.
  • Hand-made Crystal House. DIY silicone molds that are safe and nontoxic to use to replicate realistic figures, crystals and gems. Not just a 3D house model but also for creating jewelries, accessories, home decor, boxes, centerpiece and more.  
  • Create fine shapes and details.Wide application. Use this mold to create models using resins and other casting materials.  Perfect for different occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Days and more. You can also use this for a more personalized gift idea for your friends and family. 

Product Details:


Color: transparent

Components: resin silicone

Product Size:  22.2 x 16.2 cm

Package Included:

2 x 3D Crystal Christmas House Mold

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