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Micro-Detailing Engraving Drill Bit Set

Precise carvings even on delicate surfaces!

There’s something special about engraving.. carving it, sanding it, shaping it into something lovely and outstanding! It's supernatural! Grab this amazing Micro-Detailing Engraving Drill Bit Set and Take your DIY creations to a whole new level!

Make customized gifts for your friends and loved ones for any occasion like birthdays, holidays, & Christmas! Ditch the old greeting cards & make something that shows just how much you care..


  • Limitless Creation Possibilities - the things you can do with this bit set are endless, whatever you can think of you can create.. this will be one heck of an addition to your craft materials.
  • No Struggling, Just Success! - there will be no more struggling for hours trying to get the wrong tool to work. Our Micro-Detailing Drill Bits will get it all done!
  • Wide Range of Application - suitable for a wide range of material such as steel, stainless steel,   aluminum, wood, resin, plastics, wood, plastic and other soft metal.
  • Makes a Fantastic Gift Idea - this engraving drill bit makes a great gift for that aspiring craftsman in your life! Be the talk of the town among all of your DIY buddies this summer!

So if you’re looking for a drill bit that's perfect for delicate pieces and small things, or you’re just looking for a perfect gift idea, grab Micro-Detailing Engraving Drill Bit Set and bring all of your DIY creations to life!



Tip Shapes: Ball / Cone / Cylinder / Needlepoint / Tapered

Components: Carbide Steel

Shank Diameter: 3mm


Package Inclusions:

1 Set x Micro-Detailing Engraving Drill Bits (30pcs.)

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