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MindGames Steel Ball Maze Logic Game Toys

Challenge your kid to this multi-level maze game of MindGames Steel Ball Maze Logic Game Toys.

It’s a fun maze game of marble run filled with challenges. The objective is to run the steel ball through different challenge levels until it reaches the end of the course. A smart game for kids that helps develop their logical reasoning, spatial reasoning and strategic thinking skills while all the while enjoying the game. 

      • Entertainment and learning opportunity in one.MindGames Steel Ball Maze Logic Game Toys presents multi-level challenges to your kids that test their logic, critical thinking and spatial ability. It’s designed with multiple buttons and controls for each stage to control the steel ball and make it move across the board. 
      • Fun Single Player Game. A great toy that keeps your child busy for hours. It helps your child to focus and keep his attention to the game until the course is completed. It’s a marble run and mechanical game combined. The game comprises 8 levels that require distinctive practice and challenge. 
      • Fast thinking game.The challenge is to complete the 8-level challenges within 38 seconds. To do this, it requires logical thinking, motor skills and coordination. A perfect game for your child to stimulate his brain and exercise patience. 
      • Safe and a sturdy toy to play. Made from eco-friendly ABS plastic with smooth round edges. Suitable for children 5 years old and above and requires assembly supervision. It’s compact yet very thrilling, exciting and definitely entertaining.  

Product Details:


Suitable age: 5 years old and above

Color: multicolor

Components:  Eco-friendly ABS

Product Size: 31.5x25.5x17cm / 12.4x10.4x6.7"

Package Included:

1 X plastic circle

2 X Steel Balls

1 X game main board

1 X timer

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