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Mini Automatic Compression Vacuum Pump


Keep foods fresh longer in your fridge, freezer, and pantry.

Not only for the kitchen but also be taken anywhere. Just place your food into the bag, use the sealing clip to zip it closed, and use the automatic vacuum sealer pump to drive out the air until the bag clings around the food. Our vacuum sealer pump provides healthy, fresh food for you every day!

    Keep Food Fresh

    • Vacuum sealer bags lock nutrients in and help food fresh up, perfect for sous vide cooking & food storage, such as deli meats, cheeses, and other refrigerated and pantry foods.

    • One-Touch Operation

      Vacuum air-tight with the press of a button, quick seal bag just press white button, wait for few seconds to vacuum out the air automatically, then bag sealed tightly. Save your time and effort.

    • Excellent Quality Material

      Reusable vacuum sealer bags are safe, non-toxic, and persistent materials for food storage. Rechargeable design for more convenient use. And lithium power with up to 3 hours of cordless run time.

    • Portable Vacuum Sealer

      The handheld vacuum pump and vacuum sealing bags can be used not only at home but also be taken to anywhere, such as outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, picnic, traveling.

    • Easy to Store & Reusable

      The hand vacuum pump is small enough to keep it easy. The vacuum bags are easy to clean with vinegar, dish soap and warm water then store them in a clean and dry place before using them again.

    Using Methods


    • ABS
    • PA
    • PE
    Product Weight
    • 320G
    Package Contents
    • Electric Vacuum Pump × 1
    • USB Charging Cable × 1

    Product Size

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