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Mini Electric Circular Saw【50% OFF - Limited Time Only】

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Powerful Precision Cuts in a Handheld Package

Handheld power tools are sweeping the nation and our Mini Electric Circular Saw is no exception! The power and precision of a full circular saw in the palm of your hand is the perfect addition for any craftsman or tradesman. Crafted with strong ABS material, this saw is as light as it is durable, and it's able and willing to put in the long hours to make sure you finish your projects on time in style.



Versatile: Coming with 3 different saw blades, this miniature powerhouse can cut through marble, tile, ceramic, hardwood, plywood, laminate flooring, carpet, and metal alike with ease.

Durable: Crafted out of strong ABS material that has no melting point and high-tensile steel, this saw can handle extended work use without warpage or wear. You can make multiple cuts on multiple surfaces all day long and this saw will never quit.

Multi-Depth: There are three different cutting depths on our saw, shallow, medium, and deep. This gives you the ability to choose how far you cut into something which is perfect for thick material, walls, and carpets.

International: Our circular saw can be delivered with a US, UK, or EU plug type meaning you can use this no matter where you are.

There truly is no job too great for our Mini Circular Saw. Able to fit inside most regular-sized toolboxes, this saw has a grab-and-go style to it that makes it easy to bring with you anywhere for a quick-cutting job.



Plug Type: US/UK/EU
Color: Red/black
Rated Power: 400 W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Speed: 3400 rpm
Cutting Purpose: wood/plastic/metal/tile cutting
Material: ABS + metal


Package Includes:

1 X multifunctional saw
1 X wood saw
1 X marble saw 
1 X High-speed steel cutting saw
2 X hexagon wrench
1 X 1.68m vacuum tube
1 X English Manual

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